Reusable Silicone Face Mask Pink Blue White Black With 99% filtration replaceable cotton filter CE Certified

Item No.: UW-Mask01
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comfortable-face mask, every mask have 2 pcs filter element.

silicone mask washable

Cotton filter element replaceable, recommend usage time 72hours

Certification: CE certificate, NO. 4N200402B. DJPoD67

Feature: anti-fog haze, dust and other
1. Effortless breathing
Upgrade static electricity filter cotton comfortable breathable reliable performance
2. Cool breathing
Cold flow breather valve, breathing comfortable
3. Wear non-burden
Brand new upgrade Knitting belt, comfortable and skin-friendly


Face masks are disposable protective masks and cannot be used repeatedly.

- Filtering efficiency of non-oily particles is not less than 90%.

- Adjusting the nose clip can help different users to achieve good facial contact.


 For any individuals who are living in polluted environments, Anti-pollution mask is top priority items in our daily lives. To help reduce exposure to airborne particulate matter, it is very important to select a government-approved respirator and to follow the fitting instructions and user instructions carefully.

Unique Technologies

Cool Flow Valve (Expel heat as you exhale it)

       Decrease temperature dramatically

       Seals during inhale

       Only opens during exhalation

       Directs airflow away from your eyes and face to help reduce eyewear fogging